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It’s one thing to direct a full production – it’s another beast to make sure your tickets are sold. Marketing is a crucial piece of the theatre world, regardless of…

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Here on the TicketPeak blog we’ve discussed a variety of different topics regarding social media networks and your performing arts marketing techniques. Today we’ll be spending a little time discussing a network that we’ve not spent much time on – Instagram.

In just under five years this social media application has grown from a company of two employees to being bought by Facebook and having over 300 million users. So…how can your organization use this primarily visual social network benefit your performing arts marketing plan?

Let’s get started with a few strategic tips!

Community Theater Dinner Theater High School Theater Social Media

Community Theater Dinner Theater High School Theater Social Media

Have you ever wondered how recommendations and reviews play into your audience members purchasing decisions? Better yet, the source and medium in which those recommendations and reviews are delivered? You’re not alone…we were thinking about these same questions!

This wondering led us to do a little reading on the subject, and you’ll never guess what we came across: a recent study outlining the answers to our questions! Social Media Link (the study facilitators) delivered the answers in an excellent infographic.

Read on for more information about consumer perceptions regarding recommendations, reviews, and social networks, as well as how this affects your performing arts organization.

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Community Theater High School Theater Social Media

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