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A broad term often used to encompass anything related to the front-of-house operations in theatre management: Audience Services. But what exactly do these “services” entail? A successful box office team…

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Subscription sales are at the core of a successful theatre. Subscribers, also called members, are guests who purchase tickets for the whole season in advance. This group comes with all…

Community Theater Driving Ticket Sales Ticketing Technology What Ticket Buyers Want

Driving Ticket Sales Events Ticketing Technology What Ticket Buyers Want

Community Theater Just Interesting What Ticket Buyers Want

A quick scroll through the TicketPeak blog homepage reveals a number of articles about selecting an event ticketing system for your theatre, organization or high school. There’s a number of them because this is a “tricky business” topic! Contrary to popular belief, event ticketing services are not all created equal and there is no “one size fits all” option.

I can’t stress enough how incredibly important it is that you take a serious look at how your community theatre or high school box office currently operates, how you would like it to operate, and how you can make those adjustments. However, sometimes it’s difficult to identify which (if any) adjustments need to be made. You can make a step in the right direction towards making those adjustments by asking yourself 3 seemingly simple questions.

…are you ready for this?

Selecting a Ticketing System What Ticket Buyers Want

What is Restricted Ticketing?

Restricted ticketing is the increasingly common practice employed by large event ticketing companies, which significantly reduces the ticket purchasers’ rights after their initial purchase. These large ticketing companies engage in this practice to gain a greater control over the profits in ticket sales, as well as any consequent transfers.

CC Image by Will Ockenden
CC Image by Will Ockenden

Just Interesting Selecting a Ticketing System What Ticket Buyers Want

Selecting a Ticketing System Ticketing Technology What Ticket Buyers Want

Are you a small, start-up theater company? Or a high-school performance group? How do you currently sell your event tickets? I hope that you didn’t just say “At the door.” If you did, we’re here to help!

CC Image by Todd
CC Image by Todd

To their detriment, some smaller performing arts organizations will occasionally only offer tickets at the door. Whether it was a one-time oversight or that they don’t believe there are affordable alternatives available, this choice is negatively impacting their bottom line. This choice affects both your company and your audience members so read on to better understand our top reasons for finding ticketing alternatives that will beat your “at-the-door” method.

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At this very moment people from all over the world are purchasing e-tickets. They might be purchasing an e-ticket for their flight to France, their train trip in Canada, or to see Wicked on Broadway. It doesn’t matter what they’re purchasing it for, what matters is that they are being purchased. Customers around the globe are using e-tickets for an assortment of purposes to help make their busy lives and day-to-day activities run more smoothly.

CC Image by Ron Bulovs
CC Image by Ron Bulovs

What is an e-Ticket?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, an e-ticket is “a ticket for a journey, performance, etc. that you have bought online and which you usually print yourself directly from your computer”. Pretty simple, huh?

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