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It’s Earth Month and we’re thinking about the planet. Actually, we should always be thinking about the planet and the ways that we can decrease our carbon footprint! But this…


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Event production is perhaps the biggest beast in the business. It can make or break your event and entice or deter your past, present and future audience members. Let’s take a quick look at some of the worst advice that you could ever hear about event production. 

1) Let’s focus on the big picture; the details will take care of themselves.

CC Image by Jayel Aheram
CC Image by Jayel Aheram

Wrong – the details are the key to your event’s success. Details are important no matter how much time you have to plan your event. Make a list of details! All of those details matter (even the little ones that you think might be insignificant) because everything related to your event is important. The program content, the lighting, the accessibility, the reception area, even the coffee and cookies for your reception: these all matter! Your list of details will help you avoid overlooking things and keep the production process running smoothly.

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