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Have you ever wondered how recommendations and reviews play into your audience members purchasing decisions? Better yet, the source and medium in which those recommendations and reviews are delivered? You’re not alone…we were thinking about these same questions!

This wondering led us to do a little reading on the subject, and you’ll never guess what we came across: a recent study outlining the answers to our questions! Social Media Link (the study facilitators) delivered the answers in an excellent infographic.

Read on for more information about consumer perceptions regarding recommendations, reviews, and social networks, as well as how this affects your performing arts organization.

CC Image by AJC1
Image via AJC1

Community Theater High School Theater Social Media

CC Image by Jamie Pichora
CC Image by Jamie Pichora

It’s quite likely that your community theater already has a traditional supporters program in practice. You might have a section in your programme that recognizes these patrons that help make your season of performances possible. Whether it’s a financial contribution or a mutual partnership that helps your organization with marketing, printing, advertising, or costume requirements (and the list goes on!), these supporters help keep the wheels turning for your organization and make it a little easier to focus on the production aspects of your performances.

Today we’re going to take a closer look at an idea we introduced a few weeks ago in 5 Pro Strategies to Encourage Engagement With Your Community Theater’s Twitter Channel: a twist on the classic theatre “Supporters Program.”

Let’s dive in!

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