Who Should Use Us

Who Should Use Us

TicketPeak is cloud-based ticket selling software for frequent event producers. We provide ticket selling software for musical theaters, performing arts venues, colleges, nightclubs and dinner theaters that sell at least 2,000 tickets per year. We started ten years ago as basic performing arts ticket sales software. Since then, we have built and evolved the e-ticketing software with input from our clients to give them the functions they want.

See the profile on our client, BAMtheatre.

BAM has grown tremendously over the last few years, and they attribute much of that growth to their partnership with TicketPeak! Well-done, BAM!

Client Testimonials

We had another board meeting this week and everyone loves the online ticketing service. They have had many compliments from their friends and family!
Isaac Triska
York Community High School
If you produce events regularly, TicketPeak is the easiest to use and lowest-cost. It has enabled us to grow substantially.
Melanie Lamoureux
Seriously. I'm recommending TicketPeak to everyone I know!
Lindsay McAloney
Wallkill High School
The TicketPeak people are the absolute BEST I've ever had the please of working with.
Stacy Tiffen
Twin Lakes Playhouse
Thanks to TicketPeak, I did not have to work during Spring Break to process tickets. You guys are awesome!
Maria Griswold
Principia Schools
We're loving the TicketPeak system. One of the best decisions we've ever made.
Brady Bottegal
Casino Theater
The folks at TicketPeak are extremely responsive and easy to work with. The service itself is very easy to use, both for us and for those getting seats.
Eric Stefanski
Ozark Arts Council
TicketPeak's user-friendly programming allows audiences a quick way to reserve and purchase tickets. I will definitely continue using TicketPeak for upcoming shows
Max Cervantes
The ease of use for the customer was outstanding and worked well. Also Customer Service was the best on any software I've used. I was able to get a human EVERY time.
Marguerite Luksik
Central Midwest Ballet Inc.
Ease of use when purchasing tickets. Customizable of seat plan options for adding event.
Dia Hall
Hendersonville Performing Arts Company (HPAC)
A wonderful alternative to the higher-priced ticketing sites, with stellar customer service! Quick response and solutions to any and all problems. Ability to schedule auditions. Best rates I've seen on any site.
Jon Fraser
New Circle Theatre Company
Less expensive than other options, no superfluous bells or whistles, can tailor many aspects to suit own needs, don't have to pay a monthly fee, GREAT customer service.
Dorie Stolley
Watershed Action Alliance
Easy to set up. Easy for customers. It was a great simplification of the process. We especially like not having to handle credit card information and being able to look up seating for those who forgot their tickets.
Aaron Nunley
Plains Junior Theater
We have used TicketPeak for several years and Love all the functionality. I love that we can print off reports and track payments, This enables us to run our events and performances moe smoothly with volunteers checking tickets.
Jessica Finch
Allen Civic Ballet
We love it! The fees are low, and the customer service is GREAT! Ticketpeak has continuously answered my questions and has even made changes to programming and formatting based on our needs.
Mason Strouse
Clearfield Arts Studio Theatre, Inc.
Practical and useful. Affordable! It doesn't have too many bells and whistles - necessary tools without distracting clutter!
Alejandra Iannone
Sparkle Theatricals
Easy to use, lots of features. We are able to offer ticket sales online, which has reduced the number of volunteers needed at businesses to sell in person, and helped us keep better track of ticket sales.
Vicki Schmidt
Plainview Community Theater
Good value for the money. My representative was good at responding to my questions in a timely manner.
Joel Dombrowski
Buffalo History Tours
Easy for users to use and great Admin set-up features.
Deborah Mahaney
Williamsville East High School
Great for the money. They provide excellent customer service and personal attention to needs that arise.
Melanie Frazier
The Legacy Theatre
This has been a great solution for our theatre group. It has aided in cash flow which is most important for us. We used to do paper registration and checks/cash on the first day of class. Now we have a continuous online registration. It's easy to print registration lists to know who's coming and how much room we have in the class. Online ticket sales are great. We know when our small studio is sold out.
Wendy Lumley
West End Studio Theatre
The reasonable price is a big draw, but it is also pretty simple to set up events. The upgrade to mobile-friendly version was great. I like that we can upload an image to use on our tickets. Our switch from PayPal to the TicketPeak credit card processor resulted in far fewer payment problems!
Susan Heaton
Children’s Theatre of Elgin
TicketPeak has made ticket sales so much easier. There is no more cash in the lunch room. It’s easier for parents to get tickets and they seem to find the software more official.
Sally Phillip
Hinsdale Central High School
I appreciate the quick and personal customer service. It’s very easy to set up and link to our website. The cost per transaction is comparable and even lower than similar vendors we’ve looked at. There are so many useful options and we hope to use them in the future.
Pamela Nygaard
Stage West Community Theatre
The software is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The key benefits are the ease of setting up, managing and editing events. I also like having reports printed out before each show so that we can verify ticket purchases. It is a user-friendly system for our customers purchasing and families registering their kids for classes.
Heather Thorgersen
ThinkBIG! Theatre Arts
We were gypsies for 24 years, then we were fortunate to have been able to build our own stand alone theater. We then needed a ticket company. After weeks of research, and committee meetings, we decided on Ticket Peak. We have not been disappointed. Most of the theater goers are seniors and they are thrilled with the ease of buying tickets online. If I have a problem they are there to solve the problem, and the problems have only been on our side. I would certainly recommend Ticket Peak. We are thrilled.
Ali Davis
Tellico Community Players

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